Finishing – Services

Parker Pad & Printing guides your job from initial take-off to its final destination. We have a warehousing and inventory management system that stores, tracks and manages every piece of paper that passes through our hands. Our bindery department handles everything from basic cutting, folding, die cutting, gluing, mounting, stitching, binding and laminating to mail preparation and shrink-wrapping.


Over 20,000 square foot warehousing space is climate controlled with a fully integrated security system. Our barcode capabilities for outgoing packaging allows for inventory management in the distribution center. Each order comes with packing slips and a specific inventory stock number that indicates the number and quantity of full and partial boxes and total quantity shipped.

Inventory Management

Materials are packed in cartons, tagged and identified by project and client name, docket number and date entered into inventory.

Electronic counts are maintained by piece/unit and carton as orders are processed.

Inventory is managed on a per quote basis and billed monthly per skid.


Delivery within GTA:  Our drivers make daily deliveries and pick-ups to downtown Toronto.  They are in constant communication through cellular phones and in the event of delays we are contacted immediately.

National & International Delivery:  Shipments are handled through preferred courier companies.  Our web based tracking systems track delivery of shipments or delays. We also have a dedicated representative to assist us with any queries that cannot be handled through the tracking system.