Printing – Prepress

360º vision for ultimate sight

Parker Pad & Printing prepress advisors help you “see” the final printed product through expert advice and leading edge prepress equipment and processes. Our large selection of prepress software accommodates client files for both PC and MAC formats. Files can be provided on disk, as an email attachment, or uploaded to our FTP site.

File Management

Keeping your project on schedule is part of our customer promise. Our Heidelberg Printready software manages files and workflow to deliver consistent, productive and efficient results. For output, we use Heidelberg’s Suprasetter with single cassette loader that automates our plate making process, and Prepress Interface technology for our presses for faster make-readies.


Checking and proper proofing means a perfect project. All projects are supplied with a low-res, double sided mock-up, suitable for checking impositions, content and folding accuracy. Contract proofs are produced on an Epson 9600 inkjet utilizing curves derived from fingerprinted presses. This ensures that the press sheet will match the proof as closely as possible.

Image Reproduction

Wanting to see more vibrant, predictable colour? Our Heidelberg’s Satin Screening reproduces images to photographic quality.